Great Circle Designs

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High speed, low noise mixed analog/digital design is our specialty


We offer design services for hardware, software, and programmable logic with over 20 years of solid engineering design experience.

Electrical Design:

We use Altium Designer platform as an integrated design environment for seamless PCB board design from schematic input and layout design to design package delivery.

We deliver a complete design documentation package (schematics, BOM, Gerber files, source code, & etc.) and can arrange for full turnkey assembly and testing.

We excel at mixed signal and high speed designs.

We routinely design for good EMI/SI performance for optimum performance and reliability as well as  to meet emission standards.


We offer software design services for multi-platform applications and real-time embedded software in languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python. Support for other languages also available.


We develop and test optimized VHDL and embedded processor code for your application, and can integrate this into your electrical design using Altium Designer and vendor specific design tools.